Boyd KB, Olivier J, and Salameh JR. Surgical residents' perception of simulation training. Am Surg.2006 Jun;72(6):521-4.

PMID: 16808206


Laparoscopic surgical simulation is a valuable and validated training tool. We examined its perception and use among general surgery residents at our institution. Questionnaires were sent to all 29 general surgery residents with a 93 per cent response rate. Residents were divided into junior residents (JR; PGY 1-2) and senior residents (SR; PGY 3-5). JR spent more hours in the simulation center and completed their assigned tasks faster than SR (14 vs 52 days). Thirty-three per cent of SR felt that simulation training should be limited to JR in contrast to only 8 per cent of JR. However, 93 per cent of residents agreed that the program improved their laparoscopic skills. Most residents feel that simulation training is essential and mandatory in current surgical residency (75% of JR and 67% of SR) and needs to be extended to open surgery (67% JR and 60% SR). Seventy-five per cent of JR, but only 13 per cent of SR, feel that residents' involvement in procedures should be based on performance in surgical simulation. JR ranked simulation training first in useful ways to learn new skills, whereas SR ranked proctorship highest. JR has a higher use of simulation training and a higher perception of its utility.