Coleman IP, Dewhurst DG, Meehan AS, Williams AD. A Computer Simulation For Learning About The Physiological Response To Exercise. Am J Physiol.1994 Jun;266:S2-9

PMID: 8017515


An interactive computer program written for IBM-compatible microcomputers, which simulates the physiological response to graded exercise in healthy individuals, is described. The program presents high-resolution graphic data (heart rate, pulmonary ventilation, oxygen consumption, and blood lactate concentration) in a form comparable to that of a chart recorder display. Data are derived from an empirical model that allows users to select certain parameters of the subject they wish to investigate, including sex, age, height, weight, and level of training. Measurements may be taken directly from the monitor screen by use of the cross-hair cursor facility provided. The program has been positively evaluated in use by undergraduate students and shown to be an effective teaching aid. The potential use of the software in light of these findings is discussed.