Visualizing Cell Processes, 3rd Edition

Producer: eBioMEDIA

This series include 5 videos, an additional Viruses module and Interactive Learning Guide that extends the lessons and covers the AP curriculum. Each video program is a series of short, narrated, full-motion modules that describe an essential process of cell biology. All programs are closed-captioned. Teaching guides and samples can be downloaded from the website.


• Cells and Molecules. Modules: A variety of cells; Cell organisation; Overview of organic molecules; Prokaryotic cells; The evolution of eukaryotic cells


•Cell Movement and Transport. Modules: Structure and behaviour of the plasma membrane; Osmosis; Transport proteins; Phagocytosis; Pinocytosis; Receptor mediated endocytosis; Golgi function; Lysosomes and hydrolytic digestion; Microtubules; Cilia; Actin and myosin motor proteins


• Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. Photosynthesis modules: Chloroplast structure; Light trapping by chlorophyll; Light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis; The light independent reactions of photosynthesis. Respiration modules: Glycolysis and fermentation; Mitochondrion structure; Aerobic respiration; Krebs cycle; Electron transport chain; ATP synthesis


• DNA Replication, Mitosis and Cell Reproduction. Modules: Mitosis: chromosome condensation; Mitosis: stages; Cytokinesis; Meiosis; Nucleotide structure and bonding; Replication enzymes; Replicating the strands; The twisting problem; Proof reading and repair


•The Genetic Code and Its Translation. Modules: The protein nature of life; Protein structure; Transcription, translation and protein synthesis; Gene regulation in prokaryotes; Classes of eukaryote DNA; Exons and introns; Mutations; Renegade DNA - the viruses


Year of production: 2001 Format: DVD Running time: 15 mins (each program) Price: US$68.00 (each title); US$400.00 (whole series on DVD); $68(Interactive Learning Guide on CD). Plus applicable taxes and postage

Visualizing Cell Processes, 3rd Edition series Visualizing Cell Processes, 3rd Edition