Veterinary Neuropathology Modules

Producer: University of California (UC Davis)

Designed as self-paced interactive neuropathology laboratories, each of these 9 modules covers a specific central nervous system disease or syndrome. Using a consistent interface, each module includes high-resolution, annotated images of gross pathological specimens, specially stained histological brain and/or spinal cord sections and in one module, QuickTime video of pathognomonic clinical signs is included. Animated ‘helps’ highlight key structures and guide the user through the disease process. Topics include nigropallidal encephalomalacia in the horse, feline infectious peritonitis, feline brain abscess, canine distemper virus, fibrocartilaginous embolisation in the dog, choroid plexus tumour and spinal cord trauma. 


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows 95 or greater with Pentium processor, Macintosh Power with 24 MB RAM, thousands of colours or greater, 800 x 600 screen resolution
Price: US$65.00