Veterinary Clinical Pathology 2000

Producer: Michigan State University

This case-oriented, autotutorial instructional program contains 52 interactive computerised lessons and has been developed for courses given to veterinary students, graduate students, technical staff and continuing education. Lessons are intended to provide practical diagnostic material in interactive ways to help develop veterinary diagnostic skills. Users obtain positive and negative feedback to their answers based on questions posed in the lessons. Material is both image (over 1,500) and text. Most programs are on clinical pathology topics while some lessons present gross or microscopic pathology. Descriptions of lessons are given in the Companion Book - approximately 300 pages, divided into three electronic files: Hematology, Cytology and Chemistry. Detailed materials include laboratory data and case presentations used in the initial question for each case.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows only
Price: US$29.00 (student rate - accepted only if student ID is being sent by fax); US$150.00 (single user); US$400.00 (site licence)