Veterinary Anatomy Courseware

Producer: University of Minnesota

This instructional software is authored by faculty and students at the University of Minnesota for use as independent study material by veterinary students. The following is a listing of courseware that can be downloaded free of charge for educational purposes from the website: Gross anatomy (Autonomic nervous system tutor, Canine bones, Canine muscle groups, Canine planar anatomy atlas, Cranial nerve reference, Gaits, Head anatomy, Horse teeth and age, Ungulate anatomy), Microanatomy (Endocrine, GI-related organs, Glands, Immune system, Kidney, Ovary, Testis, Tubular organs, Histology courseware, Problem-solving in histology), Developmental anatomy (Placental images, Embryology tutor - cardiovascular, genital and urinary systems, nervous system and special senses), Radiographic anatomy (Small animal, Equine), Neuroanatomy (Basic eye tutor, Canine brain atlas, Cranial nerve nuclei, Neuroembryology, Spinal cord tutor).


Medium: Downloadable from website
System requirements: Most of the courseware was written in HyperCard or SuperCard and runs only on Macintosh computers. Histology courseware, Placental images and Radiographic anatomy run on both Mac and Windows 95
Price: Freeware