UNDERSTAND! Biochemistry

Producer: Sinauer Associates, Inc.

This interactive computer program covers all basic cell chemistry through enzymology, bioenergetics, metabolism, macromolecular structure, assembly and modification, the flow of genetic information, signal transduction, and molecular biology techniques. It features over 120 original animations, over 900 original illustrations, 25 3D interactive molecular models, graphics for over 100 macromolecules, 60 minicourses covering an entire 2-semester course, interactive, self-quizzing multiple choice questions, advanced hypertext navigation, extensive index function, web links to useful and effective web sites, and true voice pronunciation for over 400 terms.


Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows 95/98/NT, Pentium processor with 24 MB RAM and Super VGA monitor; Macintosh OS 7.61 minimum, Power PC with 24 MB RAM
Price: US$34.95 (Student Version); US$150.00 (Instructor’s Version); US$299.99 (Computer lab pack Site Licence first 10 computers), US$27.00 (additional computers); US$695.00 (Multiple-User Network Site Licence first 15 users), US$75.00 (additional 5 users)