Tower Trainer

Producer: Simulab Corporation

This simulator has Simulab’s patented ‘SIMUVIEW’ imaging system, which allows realistic portrayal, ideal for laparoscopic training in a 2D field without setting up traditional videoendoscopic camera equipment. Used primarily for dissection, suture and knot training, a removable cover conceals the subject from direct view. The adjustable periscope allows the user to sit or stand and may be modified to fit any height. The uppermost mirror simulates a video monitor, conveying a realistic replication of surgery, and manipulation of instruments. The viewing angle of the tissue pad may be altered and the simulated tissues are easily replaced. A removable lens magnifies the field of vision.


Medium: Simulator Price: US$1,995.00 (Tower Trainer – catalogue ref. TPT-10); US$295.00 (Liver Base Insert – LCT-10); US$380.00 (Replaceable Gallbladder – 10-pack); US$25.00 (Tissue Suture Pad – TSP-10); US$40.00 (Small Intestine – SMI-10; Large Intestine – LGI-10); US$48.00 (Fundus Tissue – LNF-20)

Tower Trainer The viewing angle of the tissue pad  The upper most mirror simulates a video monitor