Taxis, Narcosis and Electrical Tetany in Fish

Producer: SFRS (Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique)

The reactions of fish placed in an homogenous electrical field depend upon their position in relation to the field polarity, and upon the potentials to which they are subjected. In this video, the main reactions of the trout and eel are identified, with an explanation of the underlying neurophysiological mechanism, and the identification of the nervous or muscular structures involved through transverse sectioning of the central nervous system.


Language: French, English, Spanish
Year of production: 1963
Format: DVD
Running time: 19 mins.
Price: Individual use: €20.00 (Europe), €20.00 (rest of the world); Institutional use: €35.00 (Europe), €35.00 (rest of the world).
Note: The original title of this program is Taxies, narcose et tétanies électriques chez les poissons