Suture Trainer Skin Pad

Producer: Soft Options, Ltd.

A speciality of Soft Options Ltd. lies in the life-like simulation of skin and other anatomical structures (e.g. limbs, organs and blood vessels). Through many years experience in medical model making and within the film and television industries, Soft Options has gained the expertise to tailor-make products and R&D services to an individual customer’s technical requirements and budget. This Suture Pad provides a highly realistic aid to teaching cutting and suturing and is as close as possible to the feel of living human or animal tissue. For medical and veterinary students it gives invaluable confidence and experience before tackling the real thing. The pad is 18-20 mm thick and is constructed from a number of different foams and elastomers, layered and bonded together to simulate accurately the epidermis, dermis and sub-dermis found in living tissue. It can be cut and sutured in any of these layers. The pad is robust and large enough to allow re-suturing of an incision, or for several incisions to be made. To provide additional learning experiences, it can also be made in a range of sizes and specifications to suit customer requirements; various pathological features such as warts, skin tags and sebaceous cysts can be added.


Medium: Simulator
Price: On request (£8.00 - £25.00 depending on size and features)