Simulations in Physiology: The Renal System

Producer: PERC (Physiology Educational Research Consortium)

A set of 6 computer simulations (one tutorial - Water movement in the kidney - and 5 laboratory experiments - Glomerular capillary dynamics, Proximal tubular reabsorption, The distal nephron, The total nephron and Acid-base balance) that provide tutorial and laboratory experiment formats for teaching glomerular filtration, function of proximal and distal tubules, effects of hormones on the kidney, and acid-base control. A laboratory manual provides directions for student ‘experiments’


Year of production: 1994
Medium: 3.5" disk
System requirements: MS-DOS, Macintosh (not OS 9 compatible)
Price: US$300.00 for set of 6 programs (includes permission to make enough copies for students)
Note: The newest versions of Windows no longer support this MS-DOS product. PERC is in the process of revising some of its programs, as well as developing new ones. When these are ready, they will be available for free downloading from PERC’s website