Selected Animal Tests in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Producer: IWF Wissen und Medien gGmbH

This CD–ROM contains a selection of 7 historical German films featuring some experiments performed on animals in pharmacology and toxicology: Muscarine poisoning and its reversal with atropine in the cat; Effects of morphine on dogs; Methods of validating systemic medication on small animals; Effects of antiepileptics; Interaction of alcohol with another CNS depressant drug; Isolated atrial myocardium from guinea pig heart; Whole-body autoradiography (of a rat).


Language: The films are silent; menus and subtitles are in English
Year of production: 1998
Medium: CD-ROM
System requirements: Windows 95 or later, Active Movie Mediaplayer; Pentium 160 MHz processor, 16 MB RAM, VGA graphics adapter (640 x 480) True Colour (24-bit), soundboard
Running time: 48 mins.
Price: €28.19