PHYPRAK (Computer based PHYsiological PRAKtical Training)

Producer: Plietz und Steinbis GbR

The PHYPRAK programs are based on digital video sequences of animal experiments connected with synchronous and synchronised presentation of the related measurement data. Each experiment is subdivided into an introduction with theoretical information about the experiment, a preparation section, the experiment itself, an analysing section of the data and a question section. Additionally there is information about the physiology and anatomy of the subject (text, graphic, animation) and further proceedings in the experiment as well as a demonstration of the dissection (text, video). The programs visualise physiological processes in sometimes tiny objects (frog heart) and allow replays as often as desired. The following experiments can be performed: Straub heart, effect of temperature, Stannius ligatures, ECG, neuronal control of cardiac action and biopotentials in the brain (EEG).


Language: German
Year of production: 1998 (update release in work)
Medium: 3.5" installation disk and CD-ROM (data)
System requirements: Windows only - Win3.x/95/98
Price: On request