Learning More About Cells

Producer: Queue, Inc.


This interactive multimedia presentation with live video features a complete review of living cells, with spectacular photo-micrography of cells dividing, amoebae ‘running’, and single-celled animals ‘eating’. The program thoroughly explains cell structure, the differences between animal and plant cells, and photosynthesis. The program also includes a complete review of mitosis, the process by which genetic information is passed on during cell division, giving students a clear explanation of all five phases of mitosis. Incredible time-lapse photomicrography captures the duplication of chromosomes and the whole mitosis process. Incorporating the most recent biological thought and theory, this dynamic program, with outstanding cinematography, traces the early evolution of life. Starting from a barren planet, the program shows the different stages of cellular evolution, from primitive bacteria to blue/green algae to complex multicellular organisms. Highlights include

a unique time-lapse sequence following the development of a single-celled egg into a tadpole.


Medium: CD-ROM System requirements: DOS 5.0+, Windows, Macintosh; sound blaster or compatible card Price: US$125.00 (single), US$375.00 (lab pack of 5), US$625.00 (network)

Learning More About Cells