A Journey through a Sheep Using X-ray Tomography

Producer: Davies, Alexander S.

Adapted from the book ‘An atlas of X-ray tomographic anatomy of the sheep’ by A. S. Davies, K. L. Garden, M. J. Young and C. S. W. Reid (1987), Science Information Publishing Centre, DSIR, Wellington, New Zealand, this program consists of 122 plates of transverse tomographic slices of a living sheep, annotated and explained. It either plays as an animated sequence over a selected range of slices, or searches for nominated structures. It is intended to enhance the topographic study of living ruminants by relating the size, shape and position of organs to superficially palpable features, and will therefore reduce the need for dissection.


Medium: CD-ROM (under production)
System requirements: Windows, Macintosh
Price: €20.00