Equine Euthanasia

Producer: Michigan State University

The humane euthanasia of an animal is one of the most important tasks a veterinarian can perform. The last few moments of an animal’s life should be as peaceful and pleasant as possible. Planning and preparation will help to minimise stress on the animal and the people involved. The horse is a special case with regard to euthanasia. The large size of a horse and a tendency to remain standing until losing consciousness are complicating factors. The goal of the video is to teach students, veterinary hospital personnel, and clients that the euthanasia of a large standing animal, the horse, can be quiet and peaceful. The accompanying booklet provides information for veterinarians and their employees. In the step by step procedures of scheduled euthanasia and recommendations for emergency situations, the objective is to provide the information needed to ensure a humane death for the horse, safety for all personnel involved, and emotional support for the client and the veterinary hospital team.


Format: VHS NTSC
Price: US$75.00 (incl. workbook); other formats available at additional cost