Electrical Activity of the Isolated Nerve of a Batrachian

Producer: SFRS (Service du Film de Recherche Scientifique)

After showing the dissection of a frog, and the isolation, removal and placement of its sciatic nerve in a tank, this film presents the experimental device which allows the stimulation of the nerve and the recording of its response. Several experiments are then shown, illustrating the study of biphasic action potentials, excitation threshold, maximal excitation, refractory period, and the effects of various chemical agents on the electrical response amplitude.


Language: French, English
Year of production: 1962
Format: DVD
Running time: 18 mins.
Price: Individual use: €20.00 (Europe), €20.00 (rest of the world); Institutional use: €35.00 (Europe), €35.00 (rest of the world).
Note: The original title of this program is Activité électrique du nerf isolé de batracien