Dissection Videos

Producer: Ward’s Natural Science

This series shows each and every step of the dissection process using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques. Each video features full close-up photography and a narrative that follows the organisation of most basic laboratory manuals. Helpful graphics and pointers make it easier for students to identify anatomical structures, particularly those that may be difficult to locate in an actual specimen. Each video comes with a written dissection manual. Titles include:

•           Cat Dissection (39 mins.)

•           Clam Dissection (7 mins.)

•           Crayfish Dissection (14 mins.)

•           Dogfish Dissection (25 mins.)

•           Earthworm Dissection (13 mins.)

•           Fetal Pig Dissection (32 mins.)

•           Frog Dissection (26 mins.)

•           Grasshopper Dissection (8 mins.)

•           Perch Dissection (12 mins.)

•           Rat Dissection (30 mins.)

•           Sheep Brain Dissection (22 mins.)

•           Sheep Eye Dissection (15 mins.)

•           Sheep Heart Dissection (14 mins.)

•           Starfish Dissection (8 mins.)



Format: VHS NTSC&DVD Running time: see individual titles above Price: US$64.95 (Perch, Starfish, Grasshoper); US$119.00 (Cat, Fetal Pig, Frog); US$74.50 (Clam); US$74.95 (Crayfish); US$82.25 (Earthworm); US$119.00 (Sheep Brain, Sheep Eye, Sheep Heart); US$122.00 (Dogfish, Rat); US$389.00 (Economy Dissection Video Set: Earthworm, Frog, Fetal Pig, Cat)

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