Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Electrophysiology: EKG, EMG, EOG

Producer: Phywe Systeme GmbH

The simulator is designed to perform electrophysiological, noninvasive, measurements of heart, eye andmuscle activities.The measurement electrodes are connectedto 3,5-mm jacks using three separate andshielded measurement cords. The sensorcan be connected to a PC wirelessly orto a USB-port.Requires measurement cords and ECGand/or EMG/EOG electrodes.Technical specifications:- Measurement mode: permanentmeasurement- Operation with three separate andshielded measurement cords- Maximum data throughput: 1000 Hz- Signal filter:--- ECG filter: 0,03 Hz to 20 Hz with450-fold magnification--- EMG filter: 80 Hz to 5000 Hz with1600-fold magnification--- EOG filter: 0,03 Hz to 10 Hz with800-fold magnification- Galvanic separation with 4000 V- Dimensions: 62 mm x 110 mm x 35 mm- Weight: 0.3 kg


Medium: Simulator
Price: on request