Producer: Davies, Alexander S.

CALVE (Computer Aided Learning in Veterinary Education) is a project comprising 40 interactive programs, developed at Massey University, New Zealand, to assist the learning of veterinary anatomy. These programs have mostly been created in HyperCard and SuperCard and are only available for use on the Macintosh platform. Titles available include:


Anatomy and Histology:


•           Anatomy Q on CUE. A quiz template with a flexible format, using pictures and digital movies.

Ten questions on each of: Rodents and lagomorphs; Equine larynx; Anatomy of the trout;

Equine abdominal organs; Ruminant nose and olfaction; Quadrupedal mechanics; Canine oropharynx using endoscopy; Sheep foetal membranes; Bovine female reproductive organs; Canine stomach, using fluoroscopy; The ear, using museum models; Cat features; Horse hoof.

•           Canine Cardiography. A fluoroscopic movie using intravascular contrast material and the use of a museum vascular cast.

•           Cow’s Teats. Histology of the papillary duct.

•           Cyberbrain. Digital movies and quizzes from cyberspace about the brain of animals.

•           Digital Navigator. Clinical and functional anatomy of the distal forelimb of the horse.

•           Discovering Bones. An atlas of bone structure and growth.

•           Gracilis, the Racing Greyhound. Topographical and clinical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system.

•           Head to Head. Identification of structures in the heads of the horse, ox and dog. Quizzes.

•           HorseTrek. Exploring the upper digestive and respiratory systems of the horse.

•           Inguinal Canal of the Horse. The layers of the abdominal wall.

•           Joint Structure. General features, mechanics and histology of the synovial joint.

•           Klikakat. The only cat ever to be controlled by a mouse. Topographical views of feline anatomy.

•           Lymph Trails. An animated demonstration of lymph structures and pathways in the dog.

•           Muscles of the Bovine Carcass. Three-dimensional locations of muscles in export cuts.

•           Pig Head Tomography. Interactive magnetic resonance imaging.

•           Ramifications. Topography, clinical aspects and histology of the reproductive tract of the ram.

•           Right on the Head. NMR and X-ray CT images of the head of dog and cat, with interpretation.

•           Scrotocat. A gross and histological view of the wall of the scrotum and its contents.

•           Sheepscan. X-ray computed tomography of the cranial abdominal region.

•           Skeledog Axial. Anatomy and disorders of the vertebrae and ribs.

•           Skeledog Joints. The different limb joints of the dog in diagrams and fluoroscopic movies.

•           Skeledog Limbs. Anatomy of the limb bones of the dog.

•           Topocow. Exploring the depths of the bovine abdomen in 3D.

•           Topodog. Canine topographical anatomy quizzes.

•           Topohen. Avian topographical and postmortem anatomy quizzes.

•           Toposheep. Anatomy of thoracic and abdominal organs with fluoroscopic and virtual reality movies.

•           Vertebrae! General features, regional differences and development.




•           Embryology Part 1. The first 50 days of the embryonic pig.

•           Embryology Part 2. The folding of the trilaminar embryonic disk.

•           Embryology Part 3. Anatomy of a 6 mm pig embryo, using histological sections.

•           Morphogenic Processes. Animations to show cellular interactions in development.

•           Spot the Difference. Differentiation of male and female tracts.

•           Tutorials in Embryology. 14 topics covering much of a veterinary embryology course, with speech and animations, created in Audiograph




•           Alive and Beating. Studying the heart of the normal living dog with several clinically relevant imaging methods.

•           Antlers. Animation of the annual cycle of the fastest growing mammalian organ.

•           Bovicycle. Ovarian blood flow, hormones and cyclical changes in the cow.

•           Muscles, Molecules and Movement. Anatomy and mechanics of muscle tissue.

•           SimPharlap. Animated gaits of the horse.



Medium: CD-ROM (under production)
System requirements: Macintosh OS only - Power Macintosh
Price: €20.00 (the whole series on one CD-ROM)