Bone Clones Skulls and Sceletons

Producer: Bone Clones, Inc.

Bone Clones is a series of skulls skillfully cast by Kronen Osteo from the best original skulls available for each of the animals depicted. The materials of the finished skulls are of the highest quality resin, to capture the best original detail and to make them resistant to chipping and breakage. Careful attention is paid to the finished product from preparing the original skull to the finishing process, in order to achieve a skull or skeleton that is difficult to distinguish from a real one. Kronen Osteo also does replicas of various other animal bones and teeth, as well as custom casting.

• Birds: wide selection of bird specimens, including skulls, skeletons (mounted or disarticulated), talons (claws), and eggs.  Over 40 skull and egg replicas from birds as varied as the now extinct Giant Elephant Bird to the minuscule Ruby Throated Hummingbird available.

• Cats: extensive selection of modern cat skulls, from the common house cat to many of the big cats, including the endangered Siberian Tiger. Leopards, Tiger, Cougar, Lion, Jaguar, Cheetah, Bobcat skulls, as well as teeth and claws, are available.

• Dogs: domestic dog breed skull replicas for comparative study; other canids available include hyena and modern and fossil wolves.

• Marine mammals: replicas of many marine mammal skulls, teeth, tusks, bullas (ear bones available singly or in pairs) and bacula. Specimens include: Sea Otter, Dolphin, Killer Whale, False Killer Whale, Manatee, Harbor Seal, Dugong and Walrus. 

• Rodents: replicas of the Capybara and Common American Beaver skulls available. 

• Great apes: replicas of Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Bonobo,  Orangutan, Siamang  (Lesser Apes) and Gibbon  (Lesser Apes) skulls and skeletons. Primate Endocasts - Cranial endocasts providing a representation of the area inside the cranial cavity, which allows for an estimate of the volume of the brain are also available of some of the species.

• Bears: specimens include the Grizzly, Black, Polar and fossil Short-Faced and Cave Bears. Panda skulls are also represented in this category. 

• Reptiles & Amphibians: replica skulls of Gila Monster, Dwarf Crocodile, Komodo Dragon (full skeleton mounted or disarticulated, claw, foot plaque and pelvis also available), Tuatara, Nile Crocodile, Gavial, Goliath Frog (Full Skeleton mounted or disarticulated also available), 12 inch and 20 inch Alligator, Python, Anaconda, Gaboon Viper, Giant Chinese Salamander (full skeleton mounted or disarticulated also available), and Chameleon. Additionally can be produced Moloch and Shingleback.

• Sharks, Rays & Fish: replicas include a wide array of shark and ray jaws, an unusual Tambaqui (Pacu) fish skull, a Squid Beak, and several examples of modern shark and fossil Megalodon teeth.  Also featured in this category are Whirltooth Shark Teeth in Matrix and a set of 46 teeth from a record size Great White Shark jaw.

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Medium: Model Prices: US$6.50 - US$12000.00, depending on model

Bone Clones Skulls and Sceletons Bone Clones Skulls and Sceletons Bone Clones Skulls and Sceletons Bone Clones Skulls and Sceletons